10 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life

Sex and marijuana share an intimate partnership widely discussed and practiced amongst cannabis consumers. Based on anecdotal evidence, cannabis can induce very pleasant, relaxing, and sensual…


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The Supload Public Token Sale

We accept Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for SUP tokens. Select the method of payment you want to purchase your tokens with.

Metamask is a desktop web browser extension with a built in Ethereum wallet.

Toshi and Cipher are mobile web browsers capable of storing your SUP tokens.

Brave is a standalone desktop and mobile web browser that comes with the Metamask browser extension pre installed.

Popular Ethereum wallets for storing SUP tokens

Make sure your Ethereum wallet is configured to accept and send your SUP tokens by entering our token’s contract address on the Ethereum network.




You’ll be shown a unique Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin address depending on the currency you picked on Step 1 to pay with.

The price of SUP tokens is $0.33. Send any amount of the crypto currency you’re paying with, and the USD dollar value of that amount of currency you send is what you will receive back in SUP tokens.

For example, if you send $100 worth of Bitcoin, you will receive $100 (303.03 tokens) worth of SUP tokens in return.

We’ve created a tool on the last page of purchase to help you determine exactly how much of your payment currency to send in order to receive the exact amount of SUP in return.

Our tool on the last page of purchase to help you determine the amount of payment currency to send.

Send your payment, and you will receive your SUP tokens into your Ethereum wallet within 60 minutes.

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