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How to Stop the EXvangelical Bleeding

Leaving the faith is popular

Every week in America we read where high profile people are leaving the faith. Some call themselves, EXvangelicals.

This new term has become very common.

A very popular medium writer, Shannon Ashley told her story of why she left the faith.

There are many like Shannon who were hurt by misguided religious leaders and organizations.

Shannon’s story caught the attention of many.

She said:

It is not hard to find legitimate faults in most organizations and even religious ones.

The church is no exception.

First, we are forced to take a sincere look at our fruit.

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit. It is simple. If the fruit is good the tree is healthy. If the fruit is bad the tree is unhealthy.

So what’s up? The fruit that some churches are bearing are not fruit from God’s spirit. It is fruit stemming from poor leaders and and misguided men and women.

Religious leaders do make wrong choices and lose their way.

They are corrupt. Yes, just like world leaders.

They become religious dictators with no accountability. This occurs in both large and small churches and ministries.

The Bible describes them this way:

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