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your passport photo and copy of passport At my school, the homework was to color the picture. So very true… In my school it’s so bad, the teacher projects it on the whiteboard ah, nightmares Soo…


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Healthy Community Culture

Healthy Community, Healthy Lifestyle: Community Rules & Goals

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This is why our community rules are important to us, and our goal is to maintain a healthy and uplifting community. We don’t want to become another filtered, unhealthy social media network. We want to keep it real and promote authentic self-love on the journey of being active and healthy.

1) Keep Content Positive and Encouraging. Negativity toward fellow users will not be tolerated. Be respectful to your fellow community members. We’re here to help one another stay positive and grow!

2) FytFeed is a Safe Space. FytFeed is a safe space for all community members to seek encouragement. All groups of people are welcome. Diversity is celebrated. Our community is a place to find positive support through your active journey.

3) Be Authentic. We want FytFeed to be an authentic community. We highly discourage the use of photo-editing or photo filters in your FytFeed Content. FytFeed is a place for users to be 100% real and vulnerable. We want to see the real you. We want to encourage and support the real you. Living an active lifestyle is a journey, and we want to be a place to find encouragement and support on that journey. We don’t want to see your “highlight reels” or your edited or curated moments. We hope this rule will help encourage self-acceptance and self-love!

4) FytFeed is for Active & Healthy Lifestyles. Keep your Content focused on being active and things that help you continue to be active, healthy, and well-balanced. Do not create Content focused on other events or opinions.

5) FytFeed is a Community of Individuals. FytFeed is not meant to be a place for your promotional content or advertisements. We are about humans helping humans. No spammy posts!

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