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5 Advantages to hiring professional roofers for fiberglass roofing service in Lewisham

Kevington Roofing and Building is an experienced fiberglass roofing and repair contractor. Every year we carry out many projects both domestic and industrial mainly in London. Our fiberglass roofs come with a warranty for many years. If you need roofers in my area, give us a call for a free quote and friendly consultation and we will be happy to help with your questions. If you’re looking for a hassle-free, attractive and strong material that, unlike felt, has a long life: fiberglass could be just what your roof needs.


Durability and longevity

The versatility of fiberglass roofing is matched only by its durability, and here we find one of the key differences between felt and fiberglass. Fiberglass typically lasts more than twice as long as felt, with felt roofing structures typically having a rather short lifespan of 6–8 years. In the majority of cases, we find that fiberglass roofing structures last for up to 20 years, representing a significant and significant investment for your home, office or business. When you install our fiberglass roofing products on your property, you can be assured of the longevity of the material. When it comes to material choice, there are a few solutions that offer the same durability and longevity as fiberglass.

Easy maintenance

We have shown the durability of fiberglass roofing systems. This advantage also translates into a relatively simple and easy maintenance process by our team of engineers and installers. The truly innovative structure of fiberglass as a chemical material means that it is completely transparent, greatly reducing the possibility of environmental erosion and water damage. In the unlikely event of such damage, problems can be quickly identified and rectified.


When it comes to choosing materials for fiberglass roofing Lewisham, nothing is more practical than fiberglass. The seamless nature of its construction means no waste, reducing pressure on local landfills and presenting itself as a more eco-friendly alternative to felt, which is rare. Materials are pre-cut in our production facility, which greatly speeds up the shipping and installation process.


At Kevington Roofing and Building, we recognize that safety is a top concern for all of our clients, public and private. When you choose one of our fiberglass products, you can live and work with the confidence that your roofing material is created using corrosion-resistant laminates and flame-retardant plastics. . In all facilities where safety is a priority, the choice of fiberglass is a must.

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