The Supload Public Token Sale

With the launch of the Supload token sale, we’re excited to see our crypto social network take the next evolutionary step with our own cryptographic token. We wanted to write a tutorial describing…


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Top 5 Beaches in Philippines

Hello Folks Here are 5 Top beaches in Philippines that are worthing to visit: n°5 Palawan Island : Located in the western part of the Philippines,Palawan is know for its beautiful beaches,diving spots,and natural wonders.It’s a popular destination for island hopping,snorkeling,and diving,as well as for its laid-back atmosphere. n°4 Panglao Island : Located in the Visayas region,Panglao is known for its beautifu beaches,diving spots,and marine life.It’s a popular destination for snorkeling and diving,as well as for its natural beauty. n°3 Siargao Island : Located in Mindanao region,Siargao is known for it’s world-class surfing and beautiful beaches. It’s a laid-back destination that’s perfect for relaxation and adventure. n°2 El Nido : Located in Palawan Island , EL Nido is known for its stunning limestone cliffs,crystal clear waters,and sandy beaches.It’s a popular destination for isalnd hopping and exploring the nearby lagoons and caves. n°1 Boracay Island : Located in the Visayas region,Boracay is know for its white sandy beaches,crystal clear waters,and vibrant nightlife.It’s a popular destination for water sports such as snorkeling,diving,and windusrfing.

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Algunas madrugadas me quedo mirando las fotos en Facebook de gente de la que fui amigo pero no veo más. Imagino las situaciones en las que se sacaron las más viejas que tengan de perfil o portada…

Recovery is NOT Linear.

I was looking on Pinterest for the 100th time the other day browsing tattoo ideas when I found one that hit me, HARD. It was a pulse made of flowers that read recovery is not linear. I was diagnosed…