7 Ways to Find Extra Money and Boost Your Savings

A lot of the financial advice that you’ll read involves saving more money. Of course, that’s good advice, but saving more isn’t always practical when it feels like you’re barely able to cover the…


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Men beware!!! your WIFE has an affair with the boss

But why do people get involved in a love affair that should actually be taboo? Four women told us about their forbidden relationships.

There are more of them than many believe: women who don’t lead such a well-behaved single life as it seems on the outside. Instead, they secretly love their best friend’s husband, their boss, the neighbor’s son or have an affair with a married colleague. Often love affairs in secret have special advantages: If no one from the family, friends or colleagues knows, no one can interfere in the relationship or evaluate their own feelings. But it is certainly also a great test of endurance not to be able to pour out one’s heart.

Love affairs among colleagues are particularly widespread: Every fifth German has had a relationship at work. If it’s secret, it adds to the thrill: the thrill of being caught makes things exciting. Birgit F. knows this, too. Her affair with a work colleague is pure eroticism and excitement. “I live my life much more intensively now than before,” says the bank employee. As a long-term single, she enjoys the attentions of her lover and goes to work in a good mood every day. The fact that her colleague is married and has a little daughter is something she is ignoring for the moment. “The beautiful sides simply outweigh them,” she says.

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