10 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life

Sex and marijuana share an intimate partnership widely discussed and practiced amongst cannabis consumers. Based on anecdotal evidence, cannabis can induce very pleasant, relaxing, and sensual…


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November Midterms Are Right Around the Corner. Are you prepared?

We’re less than 100 days out from November 6th, 2018 — election day.

This election has been described as the most critical of our lives, and can either help stop this administration in its tracks, or fully consolidate the Trump Administration’s grab for power, once and for all.

Now is the time to get involved. Here’s a checklist of recommendations:

But these aren’t the only things you can do for a campaign. Campaigns can use unique talents for special events — e.g. face painting! — so don’t hesitate to reach out to a campaign and tell them what skills you might have.

And yes, you can cold-contact a campaign. Most campaigns appreciate volunteers, no matter how they come in. You don’t need to have specific connections to reach out and ask how to help. Candidates typically have a link on their websites where you can volunteer.

One of the most underrated stories of this election cycle, are the incumbent Senate Democrats.

The Senate is currently at a 51/49 split — 50/49, if we don’t count Senator McCain. Democrats could theoretically win back the Senate, if they flip two seats. It’s feasible, given both the retirements of incumbent GOP Senators (e.g. Corker in TN), and the strength of the blue wave.

Winning back the seats would give Democrats committee chairmanships, allow them to block judicial nominations, and block critical legislation, including any future attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Continue to call your electeds and encourage them to vote in favor of these amendments and bills. While we’re rapidly closing in on November, passage of legislation will help our elections in the long run.

V. Find your people, and figure out what you need to stay resilient.

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